Our foremost goal is to serve as a reliable partner for local and multinational companies which want to maximise their employees skills and talents. To help you achieve your business objectives we can propose a variety of employee and management targeted training programs, which are further divided into four issue-specific categories:

  • Communications
  • Culture
  • Success
  • Motivation




Communications training sessions are primarily designed to improve the efficiency and quality of information in peer-to-peer, and management-subordinates relations. They help employees understand the importance of being transparent and active in the timely communication of pertinent information; characteristics of successful communication especially in the case of multicultural teams.

Depending on your staff needs and your organisation's standard communication-related protocols, Inspire offers clients customised communication training sessions. For example, elements of Customer Relationship practices may be introduced while providing training to sales staff, while orientation to detail might be emphasised when training staff in reporting related jobs.






Our culture based programs focus on employees' behavioural changes according to professional qualities which your company seeks to promote. Our general program reinforces the importance of professional fundamentals such as punctuality or a proper dress code, and how these elements of the office environment influence employees' career.

Specialised programs target industry or company specific issues. Take for example, our "Working for a Multinational Company" program is targeted towards MNC's personnel who have limited international exposure or experience in companies with multinational standards. The essential learning points of this program emphasise how aspects such as personal connections, which may be valued over job performance in local companies are out of place within the western model of apolitical business culture which emphasises teamwork, hierarchical cooperation, detail-oriented long-term planning, transparency, oversight, multiculturalism, prosecution of corruption and the deinstitutionalisation of relationships. This training program further provides our local clients with a professional forum to adjust their employees' emotional intelligence and engagement in accordance with international standards.






The central goal of our success related programs is to increase productivity so that team can meet its' organisational objectives. Through Inspire's methodological employee assessment, training and evaluation, our clients' teams learn how meeting internal performance indicators and compliance with company policy can help them achieve personal career goals. Secondly, our method motivates employees to be more proactive, manage their tasks in a productive and goal oriented manner, as well as make better business decisions. Thirdly, it shows that your company is committed to your staff's development, which has a great impact on your brands reputation. 

Training your staff how to be successful in a working environment and life in general, helps individuals meet their personal goals within the company, while supporting your company's institutional objectives. These programs are particularly attractive to the employees, as it gives them objective advice and additional transparency on how to optimally manage their careers.







While all of our programs address how to increase personnel's level of job-commitment, our motivational bootcamps specifically focus on the issues of being self-motivated, as a way to a better work performance and stress management. They incorporate several tools presented in Inspire's Communication, Culture and Success programs with self-developement and neuro-linguistic practices, and initiate a long-lasting habit of process-oriented and sustainable motivation at work.  



To learn more about our programs contact our training specialists at: training@inspireconsulting.cn