Our team building programs are based on innovative organisation development concepts. According to our clients preference, we can address their team building needs on 4 different levels:


  • Informative, where we act as a employee satisfaction survey party, which gathers and data about issues that exist within the team and delivers it to the client
  • Consultative, where the gathered data is analysed, and statistically significant information about the existing issues is forwarded this to the manager
  • Consultative with event planning, where the gathered information is translated into applicable solutions which can be implemented by the team manager. This includes designing the activities, instructing the manager on how to execute, as well as arranging a venue and tools for implementation of these exercises
  • Consultative with event outsourcing, when we are acting as a consultative partner and agent who after gathering and translating the information, helps to identify the problems that need to be addressed, but outsources these activities to third party vendors who then take over the implementation part


To enquire about our team building services please email us at: team@inspireconsulting.cn