Employee Development SOLUTIONS

The Inspire program gives your employees the mental tools and applicable skills to increase their performance in the workplace.



To give your organization a competitive edge, we developed the most comprehensive employee development program. The INSPIRE program embodies the best qualities of productivity and soft skill training with the inspirational role of a motivational speaker. The result is an increase in employee work productivity and job satisfaction.


Organizational leadership development

An accelerated learning experience that transforms novice and high-potential managers into powerful leaders. The INSPIRE leadership development program is designed to enhance your management’s portfolio of leadership approaches that drive performance and develop unique leadership styles that enable effective decision making.



INSPIRE leadership development programs are designed and executed by organizational development specialists with 10+ years of relevant local and multinational experience. Additionally, we seek advice from C-level industry experts to identify management related issues relevant to our customers' respective fields, and provide customized, industry and problem specific solutions. Every case is treated individually, with consideration of our costumers' company specific issues and corporate culture characteristics.



Mosaic implements a conceptual shift from Classical Test Theory (CTT) to Item Response Theory (IRT). In IRT, the candidate’s whole approach while answering the test is taken into account, this includes elements such as pattern of responses, timing and nature of items answered. The system innovative machine learning algorithm continuously improving its accuracy relying on millions of candidates' data

Accurate assessment of candidates among China’s large human resource pool requires high differentiation.  Assessment scenarios are generated uniquely for each candidate.

Mosaic system is simple to use and operate on the cloud (SAAS). The 'Ready to Go' comprehensive report provides the decision maker with detailed and specific information related to the candidate.