MOSAIC implements a conceptual shift from Classical Test Theory (CTT) to Item Response Theory (IRT). In IRT, the candidate’s whole approach while answering the test is taken into account, this includes elements such as pattern of responses, timing and nature of items answered. The system innovative machine learning algorithm continuously improves its accuracy relying on millions of candidates' data

Accurate assessment of candidates among China’s large human resource pool requires high differentiation.  Assessment scenarios are generated uniquely for each candidate.

MOSAIC system is simple to use and operate on the cloud (SAAS). The 'Ready to Go' comprehensive report provides the decision maker with detailed and specific information related to the candidate.


Intelligent Adaptive and Self-improvement Capabilities

During the assessment: MOSAIC preforms Computer Adaptive Testing, most accurate methods of assessing Personality, Integrity and Skills. The exam adapts to individuals by selecting subsequent test questions based on the answers from previous questions. MOSAIC tunes its questions to the candidate’s ability level, reconfirming personality and integrity rising aspects from different angles and recognizes candidates who enforce answers (exam "cheating").

Over time the MOSAIC system will regularly analyze its data to maintain high reliability and validity. This computer-learning ability will eliminate invalid questions, add new questions, build new modules, and adjust complexity level.MOSAIC is adjustable to changes within the human resource industry, such as new positions and norms.

Customizable System

For each profile, a series of Talent Traits are predefined to match the specific job description requirements. MOSAIC can be tuned to assess both junior and senior positions, low and high complexity profiles and is suitable numerous industries and sectors.