The system algorithm of MOSAIC was developed by a team of leading Organizational Psychologists and Software Experts. Over 20 years, the system administered assessment tests for millions of candidates for large and complex organizations around the world. 

The Chinese version of MOSAIC has been adapted to Chinese culture, language and behavior norms to ensure effective and accurate Talent Assessment. 


Results will reflect:

  • Work style and likely behavior of candidate
  • Cognitive ability
  • Suitability to your company’s unique culture and values
  • Motivation
  • Estimated performance and development needs
  • Ability to deal with pressure and stress
  • Social and personal tendencies
  • Ability to work with and interact with a team




  • Adaptive Testing Technology - Focused, Deep Assessment
  • China localized - Highest  Accuracy Solution
  • Digital HR - Effective recruitment process. Saves time and costs.
  • Reports available in real-time - Immediate, deeper and focused Decision Making.  
  • User friendly - Cloud based system
  • Targeted Talent Development and Coaching Strategy


  1. Recruitment Marketing and applicant gathering
  2. Initial background screening
  3. Mandatory skills screening - Language, competencies and abilities
  4. Personality and Integrity - Motivation, Reliability, Characteristic fit
  5. Personal interview

Enhance interview precision: Full-scale in-depth assessment before interview. Guide the interview to the key points. Validate intuitions in efficient and systematic manner.  


I’ve found their service professional, with great attention on the program customisation phase that helps to fit into Intel High-standard needs
— Intel